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As a Life Coach Melbourne entrepreneurs, dreamers business owners have stuck with for decades, Danny helps you achieve untold success by transforming your mindset, eliminating roadblocks and giving you the tools you need to sustain change.



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Offerings for everyone, no matter your goals, lifestyle and budget. The only prerequisite? That you’re ready for change.

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Driven by authenticity, powered by an unrelenting wish to impact society for the better.

For more than 20 years, hundreds of coachies - people just like you - have come to experience the transformational power of Danny’s revolutionary systems of thinking.

As the CEO and owner of 10 internationally recognised businesses, Danny is known for his subversive and radically creative approaches to empowering his staff, transforming struggling enterprise, and revolutionising the way we work - think a $5k starting investment to $50M turnover in just seven years.

Looking for a Life Coach Melbourne and APAC entrepreneurs have trusted for decades? From the development of success mindset through to the enjoyment of abundant happiness, living the laws of exchange, and blasting through barriers that shackle you to limitations, Danny Vorhauer’s evidence-based approaches to living shine a light on just how much potential exists in all of us.

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“The biggest change (that I’ve seen) has to be my self-belief and self-confidence…I certainly feel more congruent with myself, my certainty has increased…and my self-doubt has dissipated.”

Masterclass participant

“Thank you, Dan. Thank you for opening my eyes, and for another great session this week!”

Masterclass participant

“So much of the presentation resonated with me, and I was easily able to take it all in. I was physically ‘there’ the whole time. Thank you, Dan!”

Masterclass participant

“Holly sh*t, Dan. Your Abundance Creation videos first thing in the morning is insane! It makes me feel so alive!”

Masterclass Participant

“I need to stop using your process for manifesting money. New clients have appeared out of nowhere and I'm swamped with requests. I can't keep up. I'm too good at this sh*t!”

Masterclass Participant

"I’ve always known I can achieve my goals, but I’ve usually avoided it, purely out of fear. After just three Abundance Creation sessions, the influx of new work was more than I could handle. But it didn’t stop there: I found a company who promised me 5-7% kickback of all work I refer! A manageable workload and money from those clients I can't take on? Win, win!”

Masterclass Participant

“Since starting your Success Mindset Masterclass course, I’ve been attracting great things into my life so quickly that I almost can’t believe it myself! It’s strengthened my self-belief and inspired me to continue doing the things I’m learning, each and every day!”

Masterclass Participant

“In the 12 years since starting this business, I don’t think I’ve ever gone through a period of winning so many jobs! Every day - they just keep on coming!”

Masterclass Participant

“I’m finding myself to be open to love. If you’d asked me six weeks ago, it would have been the furthest thing from my mind. Those manifesting videos are dangerously easy!”

Masterclass Participant

“If you need a massive wake-up call to get out of your own way, this is definitely the course for you…It cracks you wide open and makes you confront your weaknesses while providing the tools to address them.”

Masterclass Participant

“Danny is a true master of the mind! His depth of knowledge is incredible. He actively practises what he preaches and is so passionate about life and helping others achieve their goals. His high vibe is magnetic and you can’t help but be drawn into wanting to live your best life.”

Masterclass Participant

“Knowledge and understanding unlocks the world. With the tools and knowledge provided in the Success Mindset Mastery course, there are no limits to what can be achieved!”

Masterclass Participant

“There’s no way that rationalisation and high performance can co-exist. If you have one, it’s impossible to have the other!”

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